Yoga for Abs and Core

March 7, 2016 - Comment

Yoga for Abs and Core. You can do this every morning as an “Abs of steel” program to stay fit , healthy and strong. Please subscribe to my channel here: Go to my channels: Follow me on Facebook : Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Pinterest: Look me

Yoga for Abs and Core. You can do this every morning as an “Abs of steel” program to stay fit , healthy and strong.

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Sherry Leung says:

thank you so much for the sharing! core is my weakness ~and i will start to
try these excises from today!

Janice Miller says:

Awesome vid!!

Panagiotis Kamenidis says:
Nada Vukotic says:

Thanks for lovely classes. I enjoy it every morning.

Laura Randall says:

Very enjoyable, I could really feel my core working hard.
Thank you Esther. Namaste 

Sunya Clark says:

I use to work out at the gym a lot which is nothing wrong with it, i find
Yoga effective because it deals with the physical and the spiritual and
help you deal with a lot of crap that i thought i couldn’t deal with
….yoga is the bomb dot com!

Claire Lou says:

many thanks Esther <3

Dan Kitchener says:

i like seeing the soles of your feet

trannyglitter12 says:

Incredible! Thank you so much. Want arms like yours

Babina Shrestha says:

Thank you so much….for video.

Duncan Michael says:

Can someone over 19St do yoga effectively?????

SuperEriberry says:

What is the name of the pose at 5:23 with the legs stretched out and the
torso reaching for the centre?

Shilpa Manmohan says:

Thanks for most useful videos. Please can you tell me how many times does
one do each of the exercise shown in this video including the last one.
Thanks a lot.

Dan Kitchener says:

5:38 is great, love the sole of your foot

Susan Roesser says:

Very nice core workout! Thank you!

ThePorrustyFox says:

Ok, i would love to do this exercise, but every time i do something that
involves this kind of hip motion, i hear the loudest crack, and can feel
something snapping on my hips… and i usually stop for fear of hurting
myself, this also happens when i do conventional abs, if i lift my upper
body too much. Is there any alternative exercise i can do instead?

Naren Gupta says:

After a severe attack of back pain, the rehab medicine doc wrote me a
number of medications that would have effectively ended my career if I
started taking them. Luckily I went home from that appointment and found
your videos on line and am glad to say that after 2 weeks of doing them, I
have not needed any medication at all. Thank you very much.

TheSplitmushroom says:

2:30 I thought the candle moved itself :p

anna doolee says:

I love your videos. You are great!

angel chairez says:

Hard but worth it got 6 pack within a week thx

john joyce castaños says:

Ive been following your advice for a month now..ive lost ang
yoga all the way..

Alex Van de Meulebroecke says:

Good to use in martial arts training! thx Esther!

Kari C.Tudorache says:

Maybe if you could snap your fingers and become slim will be better for you
Yoga, especially which Ester teaching, is the best way to become powerful
and conscious that you are from GOD and you can do everything you want in
this life!

Gail*Michelle*11 says:

great sequence!

keepyaheadup2Pacthug says:

Favorite yoga core workout, you feel it instantly! Thanks :)

Megan Vertrees says:

Been doing this along with a few other videos of hers as my new fitness
routine. I can really feel it working when I’m doing it all. 

Gabby Montez says:

My core feels AMAZING! Thanks so much!!!

Dimaspy says:

Also good for us bodybuilders, just do this after your abs/core workout

Alexandra Grabowski says:

I can’t get enough of your videos. You are wonderful <3

Jefferson Lopez says:

I can’t do the first movement. It hurts my lower back 

AvaDelaney&AdamSorrel-2 says:

Hello :) I’m a big fan of yoga,so huge thanks for the videos!I wanted to
ask you one question-when I started doing yoga,on my very first class,I
burst out crying after the second sequence-is that normal?My teacher said
that it’s how my body is getting rid of stress.Is that true? -K

quimicafq says:

I love how you said “Don’t be lazy”… it’s funny but sometimes we make up
our minds and exercise but only do it halfway…I don’t know why, seen as
if we’re taking the time to do it we might as well do it right, but oh
well… I’ll try this vid, thanks Esther!

Iron Eagle 444 says:


timowthie says:

ur dutch, aren’t ya

deadliestrapevalaid says:

Esther, if you can help me, please reply. I think I have split abdominal
muscles (not the regular problem due to giving birth), but the muscles
split HORIZONTALLY. This has never changed no matter the exercise. Do you
think a routine with crunches will help or will these make the problem
worse? You are a great teacher!! XX

Leslie Thresher says:

Esther, you are our favorite youtube yoga instructor!! Thank you so much.

rob says:

you have such pretty feet

heoTheo says:

This is pretty hardcore.. :P

nahajal says:

this sort of yoga was what i was looking for, thank you Esther.

OMdogOM says:

Om music for yoga

coldheartedbutton says:

Another brilliant video :D

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