Womens Fitness Tip: Bent Over Row To Tone Arms & Back Muscles

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The bent over row is one of the best exercises you can use to create strong back muscles for improved posture and that athletic appearance many women strive for. Unfortunately it is also quite a difficult exercise to do right and many people I see in the gym perform this poorly due to bad teaching and also a lack of understanding as to the common faults.

This is a key exercise we teach people for core strength training and especially rehabilitation of back pain and injury prevention.

When you know what muscles are involved and what role they play, either stabilizer or mover you can make the necessary modifications easily and do things that you never thought you could before. Apart from the target muscles of Middle Traps, Lower traps and Rhomboids you are heavily integrating the back extensors and the abdominal wall ( the core ) along with the muscles in the legs of the glutes and hamstrings in a stabilizing contraction. This shows you why it can be so difficult to get right and also why many people are injured in this movement. This exercise is really a basic movement that will prepare you to do much more tiring and advanced sport like activities that will tone your body very quickly.

This exercise also is one of our key exercises for the Golf Player as it mimics the address position in golf.


Melissa Jack says:

I really love the bent over row. I dont think any other exercise works my back muscles as good as this

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