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Personal Fitness Tips – Strengthening the Lower Back With an Exercise Ball
Work out Music – Capoeira for fitness.
Every Friday we visit our sexy category and today we have the video of Dolly Castro a fitness model. Enjoy this video!
  Bicep and arm toning routine for women. Welcome to your time training & fitness’ Learn how to lose weight, get a flat stomach, shape your butt, get sexy legs, and learn the most effective way to achieve any of your fitness goals on your time. Get real results doing [More]
Female Fitness Yoga Sweet Motivation 2015
The bent over row is one of the best exercises you can use to create strong back muscles for improved posture and that athletic appearance many women strive for. Unfortunately it is also quite a difficult exercise to do right and many people I see in the gym perform this [More]
Watch these hot couples workout together.
Here’s a preview of my first training video. You can see more details here
Yes, you can do it! Go, Go, Go!
You gotta feel the burn, it’s worth it in the end. Don’t ever give up.
The beautiful 22 year old fitness sensation Anllela Sagra with spring 2016 workout motivation. What a body!