Pilates Hips and Thighs Workout

March 7, 2015 - Comment

AΒ 10-minute Pilates workout with our own Coach Nicole! This workout uses Pilates exercises that target your lower body (hips, thights and butt). Suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers!

AΒ 10-minute Pilates workout with our own Coach Nicole! This workout uses Pilates exercises that target your lower body (hips, thights and butt). Suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers!


Henrita Andrijaityte says:

i like all your videos,but i got a question. does this workout get my shins

Swan .nowlivinginfrance says:

Excellent. Swan

linouly1 says:

i loved it i could do it for an hour lol

RIPMichaelJnLutherV says:

i hope these works bcuz i go to a prep skool and my ultra-curvy body makes
me uncomfortable when all these stick skinny preppy bodies all around me.

sweetnativewoman says:

@xxxMostEnviedGurlxxx Yes that is more than the average person workout.
Make sure you listen to your body. If you are extremely sore and stiff, you
should rest 2 days before doing your exercises again.

danic818 says:

If you’re cramping you’re probably dehydrated and should try to drink more
water before, during and after working out. Also maybe do a cardio video
first to warm your muscles up before you do the pilates.

Aliyah j says:

Does make your legs slim or bulky and musclyy ??

luna717 says:

I’m weak too :/

butterflyshadow2888 says:

thanks for this vid i had lost 1 kg in 1 week. i love spark people thanks
guys!! xxxxxx

casszzie says:

omg that hurt so bad now off to pilates for the stomach! i’ll try to do
this every day.

Jibbie49 says:

Visit my Sparkpage as I’m Jibbie49 there, too. I’ve lost 26# so far.

sxcsonja says:

i am doing this in the morning and then in the afternoon im doing 3 bonnies
Pilates videos for total body, butt and thighs.( trouble areas) so i want
to loose weight but i also want to trim ans firm these places. :P

Nhat says:

ok. so i’ll do this for a month. today is 07.01.08. i’ll tell you if my
thigh jiggle lessened by 07.29.08. about a month. let’s hope i keep it up :D

Melissa Anne says:

ahhh! my thighs are on fire!

celestedickson says:

Great routine! Thanks for this video.

esila61 says:

can someone pls answer me…do u realy need a mat to do this it might sound
like a stupid question i no. Can i not just do it on a carpet?

chlozzerz says:

what excercises did you did and how often! and did you make any diet
changes? sorry to seem so rude, i’m just desperate as i’m going on holiday
in 2 and a half months!

dedaicalok89 says:

i guess it is almost the same, right? In reality, they only ask you to use
a matress so that you don’t notice the hard floor while you’re doing the
exercices, so I suppose it doesn’t matter wheather you use a matress or a

Torny09 says:

muy bueno hermosa la chica q linda q seria si todos ariamos gim

linda y says:

i think the carpet is just fine =)

Leslie Taylor says:

Just what I have been looking for thank you!

sxcsonja says:

heyy ive been doing this workout for about a week now and for more
intensity and a longer workout ive added another workout onto each day in
my favs list….

RabiaB says:

Month almost done, I hope you’ll tell how it works out!

QueenDoll89 says:

its cool :) i do this for 2 months every day … it works ;)

ancaioana1987 says:

very good exercices :) hope i will have results.ty nicole

amandavbstar1 says:

Awesome workout – – – I am in pretty good shape and I am sore already from
this short workout.

SparkPeople says:

@fourcornerss Pilates in general is safe to do daily since it doesn’t work
the muscles to fatigue like traditional strength training does.

bronhi says:

Thank you pilates for showing me how truly weak I am! :P

xXsemiaznbabeeXx10 says:

Does hoola hooping help hips? i heard it did. Im going to try this and
hoola hooping plus the leg magic and hopefully i slim down before school
starts in september

sooppercool says:

can anyone tell me how to download this videos…

Lwillwin says:

hi, im overweight and YES have fat thighs, but i have a question. i have
sort of… flexible joints, and when i do these pilates, my hips keep
popping around and my thighs too. any one know how i can stop it from doing
that? thank you

LoosurbabeRop says:

hee, thanks. sparkpeople really works. i mean, i don’t think i even dieted.

Daniela CM says:

love it!!!!!

aprilknights says:

Hi, sorry to say you cannot move or change your bone structure. What you
can do is shrink the fat that lays upon the bone and muscle. You can also
strenthen the muscle as this will also burn fat. L. April Certified P. T.

poui poui says:

does this make thighs, hips smaller ? thanks for posting by the way :)

Mao Lim says:

what does pilates exercise do??is it for toning??

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