My Fitness Journey of 2013

March 6, 2015 - Comment

***NO MORE MUSIC. YOUTUBE TOOK IT DOWN*** Hey guys! So for the whole year of 2013 I was working really hard on my body to get into the physical state that I am in now. I decided to make this video to motivate others to get fit. I hope i have inspired you to change

Hey guys!
So for the whole year of 2013 I was working really hard on my body to get into the physical state that I am in now.
I decided to make this video to motivate others to get fit. I hope i have inspired you to change your life!
Contact me if you have any questions. :)
I am 5’2″ with a starting weight of 136 pounds and a current weight of 111 pounds. My pant size went from a 6 at American Eagle to a size 0 at Aeroposteal (I don’t know if that makes a difference lol)


Milanna Chamund says:

Great results! I don’t know why but you seem so much more taller after
completing your fitness journey? Did you grow taller also? ´╗┐

Aleks Popova says:

Good job,girl..This really motivate me :)´╗┐

Morgan Daisy says:

Wow! I am so proud of/for you, you look wonderful. By month 2 your pressups
looked so much stronger! You’ve really inspired me :) x´╗┐

humvee01 says:

You look amazing & smokin’ hot! Just saying!´╗┐

BattlefieldNice says:

If you are looking for a Way to burn fat really fast try out crossfit.´╗┐

nicole medina says:

Hi Kelsey! I just wanna know, how was your diet during these months. Did
you avoid eating anything or did you just eat whatever you want? Please
reply. I’m currently doing the fitness blender program 1´╗┐

Taniesha Washington says:

You look so amazing ÔŁĄ inspirational! ´╗┐

Jose Nunez says:

WOW! great work, insanity 3 times a week and 2 times weight training, will
try that!´╗┐

brentz3 says:

Fantastic! This is easily one of the best fitness videos I have ever seen.´╗┐

eric kim says:

this might be weird but how old are you? im 15 btw´╗┐

quink32 says:

We invite you to learn FocusT25, where each workout consists of 25 minutes
of pure intensity and approach 100%.No REST!. Download the complete series
on this link´╗┐

LaquiesisSL says:

Sorry but you are beautiful before and after :D 11:15 I can only say… I
don’t know what say!´╗┐

kelvin doret says:

wow im impress. I do P90X too. It’s one of my favorite workouts.´╗┐

Letty D says:

Absolutely amazing & inspirational! Great job dear!!

Maya Alfarhan says:

well done ! im trying to be like you your awsome keep up the work but can
you tell me which is harder i need to lose fat´╗┐

aaron johnson says:

good job very inspirational. i always wanted to do insanity after seeing
your result im going to. p.s you look great,watching you video i notice as
you lost weight your butt got bigger haha just a observation´╗┐

Paola Hernandezw says:

Omg you look amazing :)´╗┐

Jessica smith says:

how many times do u work out? Im scared that i will lose my butt it looks
like you didnt loss yours though :) any tips?? Thank you´╗┐

Pippa Vlogs says:

Loved this! Congrats on the results girl, I hope i see some huge results
pretty soon too. Are you still maintaining the fitness?´╗┐

Mehdi Bahri says:

great job!!!you look amazing ,congrats!! Come on come on !!! :D´╗┐

jdogg412009 says:

Did YouTube make you take out the music because now I don’t hear the song?´╗┐

Krystal says:

I’m really into it, thanks for this great stuff!

Courteney_ says:

You should join the Blogilates community! Get the app it’s amazing!´╗┐

kurt jones says:

are you trying to be cuteee :)) Well done, good job; keep calm and bring it

Phoebe Louise says:

Holy shit you look amazing. Where so you find p90x?!´╗┐

cuteclothescc says:

very inspirational, thank you hun :)´╗┐

Thirty 30 Fitness says:

Great Job, keep up the good work!´╗┐

Fitcial says:

Great #fitness inspiration here: My Fitness Journey of 2013 | P90X and

dyeahnuhh says:

Did you lose any pants sizes? How tall are you and how much weight did you
lose as well?? :)´╗┐

Diana Hernandez says:

Amazing!!! What was your diet like? Did you eat healthy??´╗┐

Brenda Saucedo says:


Sarah B. says:

you look great :)´╗┐

Diurvi G. says:

thumbs up!´╗┐

Elson CM Chan says:

Good job´╗┐

jdogg412009 says:

Good morning, hey, what is the name of the music you used in this video? I
went to a bodybuilding show this past weekend and a guy used it. Just from
watching your video, I automatically knew it. But I don’t know the name of
the song or artist. Thanks.

Yanka Dan says:

you go girl´╗┐

Tiffany Whitefield says:

Way to go girl´╗┐

chelly92 says:

OMG Kelsey!!! I don’t know if you remember me but we were on the same
soccer team in high school…its mercy!! your results are killa…im doing
shaun T’s T25 now!! ´╗┐

Dreighen says:

Well done! You look superb!´╗┐

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