BEACH Abs Workout – Just 5 Minutes of Your Time! – Road to 6 pack

December 16, 2015 - Comment

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? —————————————————————————————— Music: Song #1: Title: Pegboard Nerds – Here it Comes (Snavs & Toby Green Remix) Label Channel: Song #2 Curbi – Elevation

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Song #1:
Title: Pegboard Nerds – Here it Comes (Snavs & Toby Green Remix)
Label Channel:

Song #2
Curbi – Elevation


Brandon Carter says:

Good Shit brother

Austin Dunham says:

I appreciate you trying to help the beginners out Brandon, but keep in mind
everybody that these high repetition endurance based workouts will build
more cardiovascular endurance than actual core strength.

sha hin says:

In my contry your videos are will be world famous soon. Best of
luck sir.

XASIAN Subba says:

Cool thanks dude ;)

Dean Ibraimov says:

Great video not so intense and burning like the last one but its
alright.Btw girl is real beauty! Gives more motivation to videos :P

黒竜崎 says:

Wow she was pretty good for a first timer. I gave up halfway through for my
first try lol.

Adi Sahai says:

hey Brendan…I am following your videos from last month and need your
suggestions on my routine and diet i decided to go for the gym only for
two days in a week for weight exercises, and rest for the days i use to do
1.10 Leg lift touches
2. 20 Toe touches
3. 10 twist
4. 10 Single Leg crunches
5. 10 Double leg crunches
6. 10 cross leg lift
7. 13 siders
8 10 pulsators
9. 20 roll ups
10. 20 Heel touches
11 10 Plank crunches
12. 10 Plank twists
13. Up & Ups
14. 20 bicycles
somehow i managed it for two rounds its burn like hell, it takes 30
minutes and also i stopped eating outside food mostly having vegetables,
brown bread, tomato, Peanut Butter, cucumber, chicken sausages and other
protein ingredients etc i just need your advice on this…. am on my way ?
i am 5.10 inches 165 pounds …..please reply

DrSpock71 says:

ADVICE FOR ADVANCED USERS: this is a lot easier than some of Brendan’s
workout since he often stops to explain the next exercise to the girl
(cute!). My advice is to keep a 6inch hold with straight legs every time he
pauses – now it burns at the end!

Renzo Tuano says:

Great way to start my morning! Thanks Brendan!

Rs Hacks says:

Hey Brendan, i have a quick question for you! Is it bad to workout once
every day and 7 days a week? Does it help you get your abs faster? If not,
could you please tell me why?

Lorenzo Valdez says:

I saw u trying to play footsie with the video eye candy! What a noob
needing all thise breaks….jk the last bicycles were tough great 5 mins

Lightman 3D says:

Roas to six pack could be a great name for a series where you’re showing us
abs workouts 

HasNi Hassaan says:

always great when you upload a new video

Julio Rodrigues Mautschke says:

aqui no Brasil seus vídeos estão muito famosos! parabéns pelo seu talento!
você é muito bom no que faz! obrigado por tudo
here in Brazil your videos are very famous! congratulations for your
talent! you are very good at it! Thank you for everything

Annonodoy das gupta says:

hey hi brendan meyers……..thanx a alot for the abs workout you have been
posting,really its like finding the right book in the shelf helps a alot
and yes fun to do.

Linkin 80s says:

Dose this help reduce the love handles Sir?!

judas rodriguez says:

Thanks keep the abs vids going

lexxiconn26 says:

Gonna try it for the first time!!!

MarkJ says:

How often should i do this in a week? 2 or 3 times?

farid firdaus says:

Greats the way how many months my abdoment like six pack aftrer
doing that exercise?

chocklad9 says:

i saw your video on fb, I subscribed :) now let me try this workout haha

Shadab Shaikh says:

Can I do this workout every day

Jesse Pinkman says:

should i take a day break in between?

Alan Fergrdz says:

Wow it’s awesome i like the way you do.
You motivate me !
Im a begginer if i do just this video everyday also with cardio can i have
results ? Help me :D

Kappastorm says:

Great workout man! Too bad it didn’t give the same burn as those ones where
your feet never touch the ground, I love it!

Andrehalo2408 says:

Great ab workout!!! Its normal, its funny and also you have more rests
between the exercises

Matt Havens says:

Excellent felt the burn brotha! Song?

Matthew Hurtado says:

I love the workouts! I was wondering though what are some good oblique
workouts? Currently my 6 pack is fine its just my obliques that I am having
trouble with.

Prateek Kumar says:

@Miky Bernard Every alternate day would be fine

Domi Wolf says:

I live your vids

elijah michel says:

Brendan could you make a full cardio workout with the afterburner effect

Peter Mach says:

Hey Brendan thnx again for the workout. I have a question do u know how to
get ride of those puffy nips for a guy?

O Da BeatGoon says:

How often should you do this? 5 days a week? 3 days a week?

Case Bunch says:

Sorry to bother you again but can you do your weekly/ bi weekly workout
schedule? I’m a beginner lol an need someone like you to kinda base my
stuff off of 

TheRetroNintendo says:

You’re a fuckin BEAST man. I’m following your workouts and my body is
showing some MAD results :)

Boudy ElAgmawy says:

thanks for sharing this bro 

BeastlyIXIRage says:

Hey Brendan! Love your ab workouts and been following them for a while, but
could you possibly do a weighted one for more advanced people? Also
exercises on a stability ball possibly?

Lennart Vetter says:

First one i could do complete! 

Yolo Sweg says:

MAN THIS IS HELL!! But its good. Thanks!

MJubeily says:

My problem is with those damn leg raises, my leg doesn’t fully extend when
i raise it while yours stays a straight line the whole workout. Why is

benjasoffia says:

as always your videos are amazing, cant wait till the next one, awesome job
brendan! hope you upload an abs session for a more advanced level! thx :)

Miky Bernard says:

How often i should do ABS ? 

ArkTempest says:

You have a good taste in music

Israelo Sandoval says:

it really burns!
Congrats bro!

Osvaldo Andres says:

I like your vids man but your making too many ab workouts vid, change it up
a bit would be nice

Prateek Kumar says:

@Shadab Shaikh You should do it every alternate day. You want your muscles
to rest.

Alok Deherkar says:

Awesome videos n music too!!

Jake Allan says:

Your videos have really helped me out brother thanks 

Tysia Show says:

brilliant exercise ! :)

sikis izle says:

Nice article ! Thank you..

A good blog! I will bookmark a few of these..

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