8 minute abs

March 7, 2016 - Comment

Get rock hard abs in eight minutes

Get rock hard abs in eight minutes


Sophie Site Jia says:
TzFrank says:

why does the music sound like 80’s porn lmao :-D

Playboy3K says:

ive got a great idea. seven…minute…abs

Erin Sumners says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Drew Kocak says:

+02IS300MD that’s not enough calories. You’ll gain most that weight back if
you consistently eat that little

Terry Scott Niebeling says:

Gave up 8 minute abs, got fat again. Went to the gym, didn’t work. Came
back to 8 minute abs, everything is better. This is a classic workout, it
prompts you to work all of your abs. I’m happy to be back.

Tud or says:

good workout but after a while these get really easy,i have to do them like
2,3 times a day and with other tipes of abs workouts to feel like i made
some good exercises…they are good for begginers but thats it,after that
they are frankly useless


Sick of your ABS routine !? Try this one !

Squid Eating Dough says:


115kkiller says:

palled somethin

xro1983 says:

My fucking neck!

SuperNiggadawg says:

If I do this twice a day would I get results faster?

Vendo Maretta says:

Sick of your ABS routine !? Try this one !

Som Lafay says:

Sick of your ABS routine !? Try this one !

spillz619 says:

i pray to god that people are changing their diet and not just doing this

Angry Jeff Goldblum says:

que pasa this is a good workout tho

foster7110 says:

i need abs in 5 mins damnit!

AwesomeRaffi27 says:

@bootyjoel lolulz

02IS300MD says:

Run 20 min or punch a bag before you do this , healthy diet under 1500
calories results right a way first week i lost 2 pounds

ThatGuyGus says:

This actually works! I got nothing better going on in my spare time so I
been doing this video for weeks now, & just today I notice that my abs are
more visible & I have more endurance now, Ima keep doing this vid till I

marcos da silva says:

it works if u do it everyday, that helped me in highschool for soccer

Joe Anthony says:

abs are for fags.

jj Dee says:

great video but i hate when i click on this one cuz the audio SUCKS! I
wanted to click on the other one with normal audio

Tavis Lin says:

me too. it reminds me of fred from scooby doo

Terry Scott Niebeling says:

C’mon Gang! I took a physical education class at MCTC (Minneapolis
Community and Technical College) and there were these Bro-Guys from Jersey
Shores in there, and they would chant that to the class. This is how I get
my Rock Solid Abs in the winter time.

Brian Young says:

The audio on this is terrible

iloveizzi20 says:

Been doing this for a bit and but my own flare on it..but i hope its still

Felicity Jones says:

Basic crunch. Knee to elbow left. Knee to elbow right. Toe touches. Reverse
crunch. Half crunch left. Half crunch right. Pull up. Le lift. Altar art

02baldwincc says:

My neck hurts.

don juan says:

First time I did this I was 14. Ten years and I’m still here

Jake Weiler says:

if i do this once a day, no other ab exercises, and have one recovery day,
will I still see results

seextone says:

i love this workous they r a killing and worth it :D

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