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March 6, 2015 - Comment

➢ Online training: http://www.adamratkovic.com ➢ Instagram: http://instagram.com/adamratkovic_ ➢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdamRatkovic ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdamRatkovic ➢ Business email: [email protected]

➢ Online training: http://www.adamratkovic.com
➢ Instagram: http://instagram.com/adamratkovic_
➢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdamRatkovic
➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdamRatkovic
➢ Business email: [email protected]


Adam Ratkovic says:

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So blessed to be supported by all of you people! Thank you! 

GamendeNederlanders™ - PM Modpack! says:

Zyzz inspired? ;-)

Justin Smith says:

Hahaha no shit man, my story is EXACTLY like yours! All my life I played
soccer and was super small and skinny. People would literally ask me “why
are you so skinny”… and my brother was the one that really opened me to
the world of weight lifting when we took me to the gym for the first time.
I was so embarrassed about how weak I was, I didnt want to go back because
I was worried about what people thought of me, but I I told my self I would
never change if I dont just suck it up and say “screw what people think”. 1
year ago I was 16 years old, 5’9 120lbs. Now, exactly 1 year after I gained
enough confidence to go to the gym with my brother im 17 years old, 5’11
150lbs with 6% BF. I gained 30 pounds of lean muscle in 1 year! Im thinking
about making a transformation video myself to let other “skinny” guys and
girls know that its possible to gain weight and look good. Thanks for this
video man, you have inspired so many from it!!!!

Marloricain Bechameau says:

you inspire me keep working hard

David Swildens says:

wtf guy on the right in the red pants didnt even lift?

Taylor Made says:

How long did it take 

DeanD89 says:

Hey bro, I’m from Sydney mate and I was heaps impressed with your
transformation, I also have one on my channel of myself I was 54 kgs at
the age of 23 , I grew up to 74kgs peak just after i turned 24 . Just want
to say bro your story was very similiar to mine and I know the admiration
of inspiration and the heart drop feeling you get when you continually get
told your “all bones” and you would “break if someone tackled you” had it
all my life.. ill admit ” im mirin brah ;)” haha good work bro and
congratulations mate ! we are all gonna make it!

Brad Danrir says:

Good bro, never give up FUARK

Joel Edwards says:

what did you eat in your diet? 

Solar Plexus says:

Im on the same way now as you where then. Sweating, buying equipments and
making homemade proteinbars and stuff.. Already seen results and it feels
great! Thanks for sharing this video))

SQDA active says:

Hey, keep up the hard work. I have just uploaded a 5 month transformation
video, let me know what you think. Thanks and a like from me.

ekool34 says:

What weight and height did you begin with and currently are?
thanks bro

oussama belmokadem says:

best abs workout for 6 packs ? nice body transformation :)

Gzor gore says:

Good think bro! What’s that for a 3th a the concours ? Hahaha 

poopdawg2301 says:

Same story bro. In highschool I was 115 – 120lbs and in a year I went up to
155 – 160lbs

GeXExtremist says:

how long you been training brah, one day i want to compete on stage, well
done :D

xxTRCxx says:

Dude what shorts do you wear?? Love them, btw zyzz inspired?

sam boucher says:

This is basically me th skinny guy and I hope to get like you when I’m
older you inspired me much more I didn’t think many people were like me but
you are !

Carlitos Acolito says:

hello vee in google acolito667 carlos gabriel cusich soy escritore

Danial Sarvari says:

1:53 Created by you or not that quote there is very nice
Great Transformation BRUH

Daniel ZYZZ says:

3:10 strong gynocomastia the left guy, 

Nil Nilesh says:

Can someone tell me the song name at 1:45 ..?? :) thank in advance (Y)

דניאל אביב says:

I have a question I weigh 56 Pounds now . Height 175 15.6 years I NEED
useful tips such as how often you at the gym a week and what I need to eat
to Gain Weight thanks.

Katsuo Suto says:

Nice transformation bro. How tall are you man?

Berkay çakır says:

Its feels good to see some skinny guys faces with his body and makes it
awesome.Its giving hope for skinny guys.Good video and body bro.

ED Ggg says:

2 years? how long is dis 

xhulian kila says:

congratulation dude :D

Naxyz Swtor.Vindicta says:

Very nice Man! What exs for your chest ? 

Perry Kamli says:

Training really does change a lot about a person. In your “before” pictures
you looked very unhealthy and your face structure made you look like you
were very tired.
Of course you look a lot better with more muscle mass, but it looks like
training changed your posture and face aswell.
Very good video, and great progress!

Mats N says:

I am inspired by you man ! I am 16 years old now and i am training 5 times
a week now and it is going the right way ^^ thanks haha

Effects says:

Effects – Fitness Photos 365: Keep on taking photos of your body
transformation for a whole year with Effects and show everyone, especially
yourself, what you are able to achieve in 365 days.

Frostseek says:

What workout routine did you start out with? please share it with me, I’m
also a zyzz fan and starting to workout tomorrow, I’ve been going to the
gym for quite a while but i’ts getting serious tomorrow! PLEASE SHARE IT :)

Leanarda Andrade says:

Really good progress I can see the changes and they are good ones!!!!!!

Alejandro Besnik Leal says:


Ràchid Bourjà says:

Good Work Man

SupaDupaAMVs . says:

guy who came third had an awful physique, whoever convinced him to get on
stage was obviously playing a prank! Anyway, mirin transfo hard well done

Denis Beric says:

faggots lol its ok look good but u need be real man……

tom_ f_i_t says:

thank’s zyzz

amerarbih says:

Srbija !!!

Hrehaan Singh says:

I’m almost like you when you were thin
give me tips for increasing my muscle size and gain some weight 

Jan Horn says:

And what if you look the same at 15?

Habiby Fitness says:

Check out my quick Natural body Transformation.

adibasdas says:

Which supplements did you use? im not taking any of them and now even 3
months past i didn’t gain any weight. It sucks. 

surfkillen says:

Why is it so hard for ppl not posting STATS?! Weight before and after is
really a part of the transformation so why dont mention it?
Height weight is pretty nice to know…

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