Cardio Workout

February 15, 2015 - Comment

Cardio workout. You will need a medicine ball or dumbbell.

Cardio workout. You will need a medicine ball or dumbbell.


Jasmin Cruz says:

I literally lasted like 12 minutes…. I am gonna keep trying until I can
do the whole 40 minutes though…. I never sweat so much in my life in
those 12 minutes… LOL!!! What an incredible workout!

Soni says:

been doing kettlebell woktours for 4 months now, 3-4 times a week. Ive noticed my fat disappearing and the sides of my abdomen especially seem to be a lot firmer. My arms grew slightly larger in the first month but havent really changed since. Im not getting physically larger, just leaner and a lot stronger . I think many kettlebell users experience the same so give them a go

Aelia's Manga and Book Reviews says:

my arms almost fell off doing this loving this routine will do again :)

Elizabeth MacConnachie says:

Started this workout to get fitter for netball. I used my own medicine
Pass Developer netball and it is a great workiout. Will do again very
soon…..great for my coordination, strength, cardio and ball handling

Carmen Sosa says:

Thankyou. Maybe you can work with your audio, distracts me because i´m

WomanGamer92 says:

lucky me I found a “medicine” “weight” ball whatever under my car but its
bigger then there’s and its 12lbs

MooJoo5555 says:

ok been doing this workout about once a week for a few months now and it
still makes me sweat!! I really feel like I had a good workout with this
one. I love it. I use a 5 pound dumbbell with it. I feel more comfortable
with the dumbbell than the ball.

alba muñoz says:


Houda Houdhoud says:


Laumata Fogalele says:


Houda Houdhoud says:


Jesus says:

I just tried this workout. Really good. I didn’t think the Turkish Get Up was worth doing until I tried it, I chagned my mind. This is a great work out, good job putting this together and demonstrating it.

Michelle Pool says:

That was so good !! Thanks !! 

nicola wilson says:

fab workout :) will be doing again xx

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