Pump It Up Body Burn [DVD] [2011]

October 4, 2014 - Comment

fitness dvd

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fitness dvd


Steph says:

Oh my goody goody gosh!!! Oh how I miss the times of days gone by when I used to strutt my stuff on the dance floor of various clubs shaking my booty. Fast forward 7 years and I am married to a man who I met in one of said clubs- must have been impressed with my moves ;-) and a mother to one. I thought my booty shaking days were over! Having lost 3 stones for my wedding years ago with the Vicky Entwistle WOW workout trying to lose my pregnancy weight was just not happening. Over the last few months I have infuriatated my husband spending a small fortune on workout dvds- all with various pros and cons. One of my recent purchases was Nadia Sawalha’s Fat to Flab dvd which has the beautiful Deanne Berry, from the Call on Me music video, in it. Didn’t love the dvd but did “love” Deanne who is a fabulous instructor. So I purchsed one of her Clubland dvds which then led me to this.This dvd is soooooooo much fun- from start to finish. While I love dancing I am certainly not a natural and haven’t picked up…

NinaJ "Nina" says:

Really fun (especially if you’re a Gareth Walker fan!) I was excited about getting this as Gareth Walker’s Pump it Up! workouts are by far my favourites, both for his fun and upbeat instruction and the smile his routines always put on my face. This one is no exception; in fact it’s probably a bit easier and more straightforward than previous Pump it Up! offerings. The DVD is set out in the following way:Warm Up (about 8 mins)Tone it Up (about 12 mins)Shake it Move itPop it Lock itBurn it Lose it (three sections of around 15 mins each)Bums, Legs and Tums (around 10 mins)The three dance sections follow the same format: the (brilliant!) music starts and Gareth talks and walks you through the dance steps, you follow along with his backing dancers, and then you all put the routines together at the end. ‘Shake it Move it’ contains club/dance moves, ‘Pop it Lock it’ is a street-dance style workout and ‘Burn it Lose it’ is a sweatier, more aerobic section with less emphasis on dance. All…

Ms. L. A. Barton "lisabart0n" says:

Beat the bulge! 0

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