Jillian Michaels – The Collection [DVD]

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Nuria says:

GREAT COLLECTIONI WOULD GIVE IT 10 STARS IF I COULD…! I had been browsing through Jillian Michaels’ videos for some time before I made up my mind to purchase this boxed set. I am very keen on fitness and, having 3 young children and working full-time, there is no way I can even start to think about hitting the gym. Therefore, I own a very well-stocked fitness collection of about 60 DVDs, some of them going as far back as the 1980s. I also have a treadmill and a stationary bike on which I train regularly so, as you can see, variety is not a problem in my case.Over the years, one of the problems I’ve encountered with fitness DVDs is that I outgrew them very quickly. Then I discovered Billie Blanks, and that DID make a huge difference, but I also wanted something involving weight and resistance work, so I turned to The Firm, which also delivered great results. Jillian Michaels had always put me off a bit, as she came across as slightly aggressive in the videos and previews I watched. At the same time, I liked her no-nonsense…

CandyP says:

Merciless but motivational I came across Jillian Michaels on the Sky channel “Fitness TV” 6 months ago and decided to buy my first DVD of hers “Ripped in 30”. I knew I was out of shape and wouldn’t be able to keep up but I didn’t want that to put me off seeing it to the end so, I paced myself by walking through some of it when I got too tired. My strategy worked and I can now manage all the levels. Be under no misapprehension that Jillian’s workouts are about pushing yourself, not going through the motions. I’m glad I stuck with it as the feeling of losing my muffin top and being able to do my first ever proper “man” push up at the age of 50 is so satisfying.I have since bought this set (“The Collection”) which is exceptional value for money – you couldn’t get one session at any fitness class for the price of one of the DVDs. I also have Killer Buns & Thighs and Yoga Meltdown. Very little space is needed and no equipment is required.I truly believe that anyone committed to improving…

Rob "Review 82" says:

Where there’s a Jill there’s a way……. I was new to the fitness guru Jillian Michaels and came across this set on Amazon. The fact I was getting so much for what amounted to the price of a single DVD from many of the alternatives was the initial appeal, but having used these DVD’s I am an absolute convert and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.My main reason for choosing this set was the want to lose weight, I have tried various methods in the past with temporary or no success and wanted to try something different. Unlike many people fitness was not a primary driver, I’ve never got on with the gym and possibly due to feeling more comfortable in my own home, I seem to be able to get more from the workouts I’ve done with Jillian. Inside three weeks I am feeling noticably stronger and despite still finding each workout a challenge I am already feeling the benefits and increased endurance at this early stage.For those as new to Jillian as myself, each DVD delivers a very demanding and high energy…

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